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How TES can help you and your students

Students gathered around desk

TES personalized data reports help students and parents plan credits for high school graduation and college eligibility.

TES streamlines transcript and GPA evaluation for counselors, giving them more time to engage with students.

School/district administrators find TES data beneficial for planning and communicating with stakeholders.

 TES reports and their uses

Student reports are assessments of individual student progress, used by counselors to advise students and families.

Student rosters provide detail on individual students within a grade level, showing courses completed and those still needed to fulfill CSU/UC’s “a-g” requirements. These reports are used by school administrators to increase enrollment in college preparatory courses.

Summary reports are aggregations of student-level data and are used by school and district administrators to assess and improve course offerings.

Implementation resources and support help schools make the most of TES as an essential advising tool, and translate their school-level progress reports into a college-readiness action plan for all enrolled students.