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TES users share about the value TES brings to their schools, districts, and programs.

"Last year, we cross-checked the TES A-G data with the A-G data in our student information system.  As a result of this cross-check, we were able to identify more students who met A-G.  We were also able to identify some district systems that needed tightening up to identify students who were meeting A-G.  Our A-G rate increased by 4%."

Anne Kalisek, Ed.D.
Director, Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, Palm Springs USD

"We used last year's data (15/16 graduates) as a baseline and were able to identify leverage areas by district and school levels. Using these leverage points, an action plan was set in the Fall of last year and we were able to improve our A-G rates.  This would not have been possible without the in-depth reports that UC TES provides."

Carli Peck

College and Career Preparedness, Monterey Peninsula USD

“For both parents and students, knowing that the report about their college eligibility was coming from UC—not from us—was validating.”

Sacramento, California; School Assistant Principal

“By using the TES data and implementing successful strategies, our school was able to increase the number of SAT test-takers and rates of UC and CSU admission.”

Rio Hondo College, California; Director of Educational Partnerships

“TES is a useful tool, providing students and families with a personalized snapshot of what students need to complete the requirements for entry to a public university in the State of California.”

Sacramento, California; High School Counselor

“Data provided by TES was instrumental in increasing the number of students enrolled in college prep and honors courses, and allowed us to create a master schedule based on student data rather than assumptions.”

Rio Hondo College, California; Director of Educational Partnerships