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Evaluation questions

Are there specific "a-g" course benchmarks identified for each grade level in TES?

Yes. For a list of "a-g" course benchmarks by grade level, see the A-G Guide.

Does TES take into account UC-approved courses from past years even if those courses are no longer offered at the school?

TES will award credit for all "a-g" courses that a student's transcript reflects, provided the courses were on the school's UC-approved course list the year the student took them.

Does TES take into account course grades when determining "a-g" eligibility?

Yes. TES uses course grades to determine students' qualifying GPAs based on UC/CSU criteria. This is particularly important because students and parents are not always aware that earning a D in a required course will make the student "a-g" ineligible.

Does TES take college courses into account?

If a student transcript includes college courses, TES will account for these courses based on the academic level (college level versus basic skills), subject area and transferability (verified through ASSIST, the repository of articulation for California community college courses). If the transcript reflects the course was completed with a C or better and credits indicate the high school's acceptance of the course, TES will award the appropriate credit. Students can potentially satisfy subject area requirements and receive additional points toward their grade point average through college courses.

Does TES take international students' courses into account?

TES considers international students' courses only if the receiving school officials have determined that a specific course is equivalent to an approved "a-g" course offered at their school and have included the courses on the student's transcript with a letter grade and credits. This process is often handled by the school verifying the international course content and assigning their active course's title to the international course. 

Does TES service follow students who transfer schools?

The TES service follows a student only if the student moves to a school that subscribes to TES.

Are students' validations by exam included in the TES "a-g" eligibility analysis?

Yes, validations by exam are included as long as the relevant assessment data is uploaded to TES by the district or school.