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School Course/GPA Benchmarks Report

The Course/GPA Benchmarks Report gives you an overview of the percentage of students who meet, are close to meeting and not meeting UC and CSU minimum "a-g" and GPA requirements for both completed and in-progress courses. You are able to view progress by grade as well as by "a-g" area.

The filters on the left-hand side of the report allow you to easily toggle between viewing results for UC and CSU (you cannot view both at the same time). You can also distinguish between the performance of current students and graduates. Information about current students can help your school assess what type of interventions might be necessary, while information about students who have graduated can help your school assess past performance.

School eligibility report screenshot

This report helps answer questions such as:

  1. Are my 11th graders on track to meet "a-g" and GPA requirements for UC? For CSU?
  2. In which subjects are my 10th graders meeting "a-g" and GPA requirements? Follow up with: How can we intervene if we notice that students are trailing in one or two specific subjects?
  3. Are my ninth graders meeting GPA requirements? Follow up with: If not, how can we intervene early?


  1. To get an all-inclusive snapshot of student progress, select "Completed and in-progress courses" instead of "Completed courses" in th dropdown menu at the bottom of the report. If you select "Completed courses," the graph will show percentage of students who are eligible for UC based solely on the courses they have finished.

    school report tip 
  2. Select the subsection of the graph at the top of the report in order to populate the graphs at the bottom of the report. In the example above, clicking on the bar for 12th grade on the top graph generates graphs at the bottom that include data for the 12th grade only.
  3. Question bubbles appear in various parts of the report. Hover over a question bubble to learn more about the corresponding section of the report.