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District report

The District Overview Report allows you to quickly assess the percentage of district students who meet, are close to meeting or not meeting UC and CSU minimum "a-g" and GPA requirements. Results are further broken down by school. The report also includes filters that give you the ability to see differences in performance by gender, race/ethnicity, grade level and economic disadvantage.

You can use two demographic filters at the same time, which will enable you to explore a number of demographic cuts that you can then compare across schools. You will have quick and easy visual information to help you pinpoint which schools are top performers among specific subgroups, as well as which schools have room for improvement.

District report screenshot

This report helps to answer questions such as:

  1. What percentage of students in my district are meeting requirements for UC? For CSU?
  2. Which schools are performing especially well? Do they do well across all subgroups (e.g., do boys do perform as well as girls, are there any trends across race/ethnicity or economic disadvantage)?
  3. Which schools are struggling? Are low rates consistent across all subgroups? Can we target any specific subgroups (e.g., especially low-performing students) for interventions?


  1. To view information about a specific demographic for a school, select the demographic in the list of filters on the left. A demographic breakdown will appear below the chart.

    District report tip screenshot

  2. Question bubbles appear in various parts of the report. Hover over a question bubble to learn more about the corresponding feature of the report.