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Student report

Student Report Overview - Video

The Student Report provides an in-depth view of student performance and UC and CSU eligibility. The report covers GPA, performance against "a-g" requirements and individual course grades.

In the Course-Taking Summary table at the top of the right-hand side of the report, notice that you can filter by AP/honors/non-honors courses. Additionally, toggling between UC and CSU using the filter on the far left-hand side of the report will affect the Course-Taking Summary table by reflecting the different requirements of each university system.

Student report screenshot

This report helps to answer questions such as:

  1. What is the student's "a-g" GPA? Does it meet UC and/or UC requirements? 
  2. How is the student performing with regard to the "a-g" subject requirements? Are there particular subject areas where the student needs extra help? Where has the student excelled?
  3. What courses did the student take to satisfy a given requirement? Follow up with: Are there courses left for the student to take to fulfill the quota of recommended courses?


  1. Use the filter toward the top of the report to filter the transcript by AP, honors and other types of courses.
    student report screen shot
  2. The checkmarks and X's to the left of the College-Prep Course-Taking graph indicate whether or not the student has satisfied that subject requirement.
    student report screen shot
  3. Question bubbles appear in various parts of the report. Hover over a question bubble to learn more about a specific feature in the corresponding section of the report.