Multiple schools

The Multiple Schools (District) Report provides an overall view of student performance toward meeting UC and CSU eligibility requirements within a district and across the schools in that district.  This report displays the percentage of district students who meet, are close to meeting or not meeting UC and CSU minimum A-G and GPA requirements in a district, and b) side-by-side comparisons of schools within the same district.

Here's a detailed look at a report.   

Image of multiple schools report

This report: 

  1. Allows users to filter by any combination of the following criteria*
    a) UC or CSU report version
    b) current students or graduated students

    c) grade level
    d) ethnicity
    e) gender 
    f) economic disadvantage (defined by free or reduced lunch) 
    * Use multiple filters to drill down further into the data sets.

  2. Displays the overall eligibility status by grade level of students enrolled in district schools that participate in the TES program. 

  3. Displays the results of any filters applied (see #1 above) for each school in the district that participates in TES. This section will change every time a new combination of filters is applied.  

Want more information? Watch our video overview.