Student roster

The Student Roster Report provides all analyzed transcript data in a format that can be easily filtered and downloaded in order to isolate very specific student cohorts. This report allows users to filter all students by: a) CSU/UC eligibility status b) grade level c) gender d) ethnicity e) programname f) economic disadvantage g) GPA range and h) subject area.

Here's a detailed look at a report. 


This report:  

  1. Allows users to filter by any combination of the following criteria: a) school b) UC or CSU eligibility c) A-G category deficiency d) student eligibility status e) grade level f) ethnicity g) GPA benchmarks h) gender i) school or district designated program (if included in the data file submitted to TES).
  2. Displays the following information for all students contained in the submitted data file: a) name b) CA SSID c) program name (if any) d) grade level e) UC or CSU version f) eligibility status g) A-G GPA.
  3. Displays the number of yearly equivalents successfully completed, in progress, and below grade level benchmarks for each student by individual subject area.4. Allows users to filter by economic disadvantage (defined by free/reduced lunch status). 5. Displays the date of the data file upload to TES. The information in the roster is current as of this date.*
    * Students who transfer into the school or district after this date may not be contained in the report.

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