School overview

 The School Report provides an aggregated school view of student performance toward meeting UC and CSU eligibility requirements.  This report allows users to quickly identify: a) student cohorts that meet one or more specified criteria, and b) how students enrolled in an academic program are performing relative to other programs and the student population as a whole.  

Here's a detailed look at a report.   

school overview report 

This report: 

  1. Allows users to employ one or more filters to change the reporting view.

  2. Displays the percentage and number of students inclusive of all 9-12 graders who are meeting, close to meeting or not meeting grade-level benchmarks.

  3. Displays the race/ethnicity breakdown of all 9-12 graders in the school.

  4. Displays the grade level breakdown of students who are meeting, close to meeting or not meeting grade-level benchmarks. This view can be changed by using the available filters.

  5. Allows users to search for a specific student by first name, last name or CA SSID.

  6. Displays the names, eligibility status and GPA of students. Click on the student name to view the individual student report.

    (Click on any portion of any bar graph on the page to convert the “Eligibility Status of Students” to include only those students.)

 Want more information? Watch our overview video.