Evaluation process

TES provides the most accurate A-G progress analysis available. We achieve this through a rigorous evaluation process.

flowchart of evaluation process


TES receives a data file that contains a complete academic history of each 9th-12th grader at all participating schools.


TES matches all courses taken to the approved list of A-G courses of the school where they were taken to ensure that all courses are verified against each school’s list of A-G approved courses.


All course transcript abbreviations are verified against A-G Course Matching displayed in the UC’s Course Management Portal (CMP). If there is a match, TES recognizes that course as A-G approved. Any courses that do not match automatically are assigned to a UC-trained evaluator for assessment. This includes courses with mismatched transcript abbreviations, out-of-state and out-of-country courses, and dual enrollment courses. This two-tiered evaluation process ensures that all courses that are A-G approved are included in the A-G analysis. As a result, the TES provides the most accurate depiction of student progress toward meeting A-G grade-level benchmark requirements. 


Once all courses have been verified as A-G approved the data file is run through TES’ comprehensive algorithm that includes all repeat rules, validations (through coursework and/or test scores), and GPA calculations for both the UC and CSU.


Once the analysis is complete, reports at the individual student, whole school and district level are available to all authorized users at each school.